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Take your first step into the film industry with

Cinematic Showreels


We provide leading, high quality, industry reels, which will help you launch your career or certainly take it to the next level!  

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Whether a beginner or a more experienced actor, we are here to showcase the best of your acting and deliver you a showreel, which will be an asset in getting you seen and booking more work!


We create aesthetically unique, cinematic, professional Showreels for Actors, Dancers and Musical Theatre Performers from scratch or from existing footage.

Get in touch with our friendly team today and

let's make it happen!


We provide a tailor made on set experience, to capture your best performance and showcase your acting skills!

You can take advantage of our very own Script Database, or you bring your own scene instead.

Prices start at £199!

 Supporting Actors and Locations are included. 


Our aim is to help you create an incredible Dance showreel, which will highlight your strengths as a dancer and make you stand out! We are going to be filming your every move from various angles and make sure that the final result is showing your technique, style and individuality in the best light possible.

Prices start from £300


Our Cinematic Monologues focus on you as a performer. You just need to select your own piece and come on the day, to communicate your chosen text as truthfully as possible. The rest is our job! We will be offering direction and feedback if needed, to bring out your best performance and help you show your full potential!

Just £99 per monologue.


Our tailor made music video service focuses on your performance, creating dynamic and lively shots to make your musical dreams come true.

Prices starting at £500.


Our brand new headshots service is here!

Just £100 per session

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