The Cinematic Showreels team has years of experience in promotional media production.


Focusing on stunning visuals and dynamic storytelling, the team has masterfully created their own unique and recognizable style, adaptable to every genre.

Coming from different countries and backgrounds, each member of the team brings their unique skills to the table, building a strong, cohesive unit that nurtures performances and elevates talent.


Founder & Director of FilmArt Productions/Cinematic Showreels

Thanos has served in the position of Director for more than 5years for Broadcasting TV, and is the founder of Film Art Productions and Cinematic Showreels.


With over 9 years' experience in the Film and Television industry, Thanos brings both experience and commitment to every project he works on.

In the industry, he is regarded as a creative professional whose personality brings ease to clients, always a team player, hardworking, displaying leadership skills and has an honest passion for anything he is involved in. 

Director of Cinematic Showreels

After completing his studies in Civil and International Law back in his hometown of Palermo, Sicily, Frankie renewed his love for cinema and moved to London in 2012 to study at the prestigious London Film Academy.


After graduating in late 2013, Frankie took part in many projects as a writer, winning multiple awards and screenwriting competitions, and as a film director.


He then joined forces with the FilmArt and Cinematic Showreels production teams in 2017.

Production Manager

After graduating from an international baccalaureate in Montpellier (France), Roxane decided to move to London where she co-funded and produced “E-Merge Festival” designed to help emerging artist and performers to find a place in the industry.


Fluent in English, French and Spanish, she worked as a rebooker for Shinesmith company, as a stage manager and as a lighting designer assistant.



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Made me feel like I was in a safe environment. The difference between Film Art and other companies is that they make you feel part of the family. When you do something new you always get nervous. That kind of environment is good and you always feel safe to try new stuff.

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It felt like I was in those movies and tv shows that I watch daily. With this quality I could actually see myself in something that professional. At the end of the day I have a product that I can sell to Agents, Actors, Casting Director that actually shows off my skills.



I've worked with Cinematic Showreels on 3 different showreels and each one has led to me gaining some amazing work! Whenever I work with them they deliver a very professional showreel that has been edited perfectly but most importantly it showcases my skills as an actor. I definitely full heartily recommend them! And I have every intention to keep working with them in the future!   

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Since I posted my Cinematic Showreels made showreel on Spotlight, the auditions have doubled. My agent is happy with it, I am happy with it, the clients are “biting”! Besides the evident results, I very much enjoyed the experience of working with the energetic Filmart team, from concieving together what scenes to shoot, to the process of shooting and editing, I couldn’t have had a better experience. Professional and efficient, the Filmart team was also positive, encouraging and accommodating. What’s more, after comparing prices, I know their all-inclusive fee was very fair. I have been recommending them to every actor I meet!

lauren photo.jpg


I cant believe the quality of it. It’s so believable. The best Feedback I got was from my agent. She called me said “this is one of the best actors showreels I’ve ever seen. Well Done!” They genuinely look like they’ve been taken out of a short film or taken out of a TV episode.



A great team of creative individuals, who  want the best outcome, for their client.

Thank you for the advice, and for your input, in the end we achieved a great product.



I have worked on two scenes with Cinematic Showreels and I have to say I had an amazing time from start to finish.

They made me feel ready and calm to begin with and Chantal really made sure I was looking and feeling my best. Shooting was relaxed and I felt I was well directed and they all had my best interests at heart. I was amazed at the quality of the videos too - just like watching a film!

Definitely great value for your money, and Frankie will even write you the script if you’re out of ideas!

Why should I film with your company?

Our team has 10 years of experience in film production, we know how to make your showreel look the best. We use cinema quality equipment, we know what casting directors want to see, we will apply our extensive knowledge and insights on to your showreel, giving you the best quality possible.

Where are you based?

We are based in West London, 12 Oliver Close, Chiswick, nearest stations are Gunnersbury (District line) or Kew Bridge (Rail Service). Parking is available if you wish to drive up to us. We can also edit your showreel remotely, no matter where you are in the world. Just send us your files via links or a file transfer service.

What are my filming options?

We offer two filming options: a basic showreel for £99 and a Cinematic Showreel from £199

We can edit together your existing footage for only £99

Monologues are a;ways just £99 watch an example

I'm a beginner, is that ok?

We welcome all levels of acting, we always reserve some time for rehearsals so whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we got your back!

What is the difference between a basic and Cinematic showreel?

A basic showreel is our cheapest deal, giving you a taste of our Cinematic touch, shooting in our headquarters locations, perfect for whoever wants to train or practise their skills. 

Simple but very effective (and won't break the bank!) Watch an example

A Cinematic Showreel gives you the full experience and dynamism, our Cinematic Locations and bespoke scripts tailored made exclusively for you.  Watch an example

Who writes the Scripts?

Our very talented Award Winning Writer. He has won festival competitions as well as multiple official selection awards for his scripts, so you are in good hands. We also have a wide database of pre-written scripts for all our packages.

Can my Tailor Made Script be edited?

Yes, once you have paid for a Tailor Made script, it can be amended again. You're always welcome to tweak and edit yourself, we won't take offence as you're just adapting it to your style, the more natural it sounds and feels to you the more natural your performance will be.

What if i want my scene filmed in a specific location or at my house?

If you want your reel filmed in a specific location, that needs renting.

This will be charged extra accordingly to the venue.

If you want us to travel to your house, or any other place, we charge a flat rate travel expenses for £50 (only London area).

Do you provide a Make-up artist?

No we do not, but you can totally bring your own!

What is the length of each scene?

SALE/BASIC PACKAGE- We aim to make each scene 1 minute. But it’s always dependent on the speed in which the actor delivers, so it can vary.

CINEMATIC SHOWREEL- We aim to make this 2 minutes but again it varies.

Do you give advice on the scenes we pick?

We always support you with your choices and when you do need our advice we will always give our seasoned professionals point of view on the matter.

Can you edit my reel within 48hrs?

Yes we can, which comes at an additional £70 fee.

Do I need to pay in advance?

SALE/BASIC PACKAGE- We ask for the full fee for this to secure your spot

CINEMATIC PACKAGE- We ask for a 30% deposit, you can pay the rest after the shoot for us to start the edit.

What about Costume and/or Props?

These we do not provide, please bring costume options with you on the filming day.

How will i recieve my showreel? How long will i have to wait?

Please allow at least 4 weeks for your scene to be edited, our editors are swamped 24/7 but they’ll always deliver the best quality edit, your scene will be uploaded on our vimeo channel for you to review and download.

What if i’m not pleased with the edit you’ve done?

We care about your happiness and we'll always aim to deliver our best edit, although, if not pleased:

SALE/BASIC PACKAGE: You only get one edit (due to the discounted price)

CINEMATIC PACKAGE: You can send an email with your amendments requesting a second draft for free. Every draft after that is going to be charged an additional fee.

How do i find out about your “sale” dates?

Follow us on social media! Keep an eye out for our instagram @cinematicshowreels and look us up on facebook, also, we always promote the artists we work with through our social media!

What is this “Cinematic Membership” you keep going on about?

We give back to every customer we work with by adding them onto our supporting actors roster, ready to be chosen and cast by new clients, also updating their showreel in the process, forever!

How Many Scenes Can You Film In One Day?


We can film up to three cinematic scenes in one day. Our sales day time slots vary from 1 hour 30 mins and 1 hour 15 mins.


How Far In Advance Do I Need to Book My Filmed Showreel Scenes?


Up to 4 weeks in advance. Though it's always worth enquiring and asking if you need something to be filmed sooner.


Can I Provide My Own Script?


Yes, you can. If you're providing your own scripts, they must be copyright free and sent over  for approval at least 7 days before your shoot day. Scripts must be no longer than 1.5 pages of industry standard formatted film script (Final Draft), and must include all relevant scene headings and directions.


Scenes must be set in a single location, and have only two actors.


Can You Provide Actors For Me?


Yes we can!

How Many Actors Can I Have In My Showreel Scene?


As many as you want, but it's usually an avarage of 2 actors per scene.


Can We Shoot In A Castle/Mansion/Penthouse/Hotel/Bar/Café/Shop/Office etc.?


Sadly no, though we'd love to! We can only use locations we can get for free, unless you arrange them yourself. We can travel to you to shoot showreel scenes, but this will incur extra costs.


I Would Like A Period Scene In My Showreel. Can We Shoot That?


Yes! But you have to source your own costumes. (only cinematic packages allowed)


Can I Do A Choreographed Fight or Action Sequence For My Showreel Scene?


Yes. Extra costs and preparation required, contact us for more info.


Can We Shoot My Scene In A Moving Car?


Yes,  you’ll have to provide your own car, but it won’t be moving for safety reasons.


Can I Use My Showreel Scene As A Credit?


No, showreel scenes are not used as real film credits in the business nor do we give permission to submit our showreel scenes posing as shorts of any kind.


Can I Submit My Showreel Scene To Film Festivals?


No, you cannot submit your showreel scene to any film festival.


You can although use our short film services, please inquiry at


Do You Do Discounts?


Our Cinematic showreel packages have inbuilt discounts, but our cheapest option is to book a sale date for only £99 (Basic).


Can I Cancel My Filming Date? Can I Change My Booked Date?


You can cancel your filming date, we can offer a full refund if the cancellation is at least 48 hours from said shoot date. You can also reschedule your shoot at least 24 hours prior your original date and time at no extra cost.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?


Bank transfer is our preferred payment method. When you book a showreel we'll send you an invoice with all the relevant details.


I Run An Acting Agency. Can You Create Showreels For My Clients?


Of course! Just get in contact.